32 Inch Nokona Walnut WB3200C Catcher's Baseball Mitt
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Nokona Ball Gloves

In the heart of the American Midwest there is a small town where the finest ball gloves have been hand made since 1934. Only in Nocona, Texas will you find such a passion and dedication to the quality design and construction that only an American made product can deliver. The residents of this small town have dedicated their lives to the design and production of ball gloves and to the game for over 70 years. Using only the finest of a variety of different leathers, one cannot find a better American made ball glove, for they do not exist. Nokona ball gloves have established an American Legacy dedicated to America's game, join Nokona in finding the original passion that has made this America's Game.

32 Inch Nokona Walnut WB3200C Catcher's Baseball Mitt - New for 2013

Nokona has built its reputation on its legendary Walnut Leather. Now made with our proprietary Walnut HHH Leather which provides greater stiffness and stability. Once this glove is worked in, the glove is soft and supple, yet remains sturdy - a true, classic Nokona.

  • 32 Inch Pattern
  • Closed Web
  • Walnut Leather
  • Open back
  • WB3200C